Saandeepani School Children at Bhoomi Campus

13 Dec 2023

Saandeepani School Children at Bhoomi Campus

'Experiencing Nature at Bhoomi' is a one-day environmental education programme offered to school students at the Bhoomi campus. It provides an opportunity for children to be with Nature, explore, and experience themes related to Climate Action and Nature Education.

Between October 31st and November 9th, nearly 150 students in batches from the third and fourth grades of Saandeepani School, Bangalore, accompanied by their teachers, visited the Bhoomi Campus. The activities and sessions were designed to explore critical themes such as water and soil, aligning with their ongoing curriculum focused on sustainable cities. Bhoomi facilitators—Deepak, Murtuza, and Tejashwini—took the students on a journey aimed at deepening the children’s understanding of these vital issues.

Each batch consisted of approximately 20-25 children, divided into groups. Students actively participated in a range of experiential activities, including tending to the Bhoomi organic garden, watering the plants, campus tours, absorbing stories, learning about composting, and preparing Jeevamruta. Additionally, there were group discussions, a session on understanding different types of soil, a body movement session, and a drama/theatre session to explore these themes.

What stood out for the facilitators was the genuine curiosity exhibited by the children regarding the broader environmental issues affecting our planet. Moreover, they were moved by the children’s sensitivity towards their peers with special needs. It was heartwarming to witness children exhibiting inclusion, compassion, and responsibility. Programmes like this, offering children an opportunity to connect with Nature, are undoubtedly the need of the hour.

We look forward to offering similar programmes to more schools in Bangalore.