Organic Farming Training

Organic Farming Training

  1. Basic Course : Five Elements Approach to Holistic Farming
  2. Growing Vegetables
  3. Growing a Food Forest

Five Elements Approach to Organic Farming:

Prithvi: Soil, organic matter and organisms in soil; improving soil. Testing soil, nitrogen fixing plants, pioneer plants for degraded soils, making jeevamrutham to improve soils; making beejamrutham to preserve seeds; other bio growth promoters and pesticides; natural pest traps; importance of bees, cows and other animals in a farm; Ecological and Holistic farming.

Jal: Water: – when, how much, mulching to minimize watering, drainage and ponds for rain water harvesting, drip irrigation. Rain fed crops

Agni: Sunlight how much does a specific plant need? Sunlight as scarce resource, multi-level farming to harness sunlight, protecting soil from excessive sunlight – always let some plants grow on it.

Vayu: Protecting from excessive wind, wind breakers; companion and alternate crops; value of biodiverse farm with food forest.

Akaash: Space, infiniteness that are symbolic of the sacredness of Nature; Holistic farming as a meditative and spiritual activity; balancing commercial viability and respect for Nature.