Bhoomi believes in co-creating spaces which can be used by many for learning, sharing and for being part of an expanding community of people who care about ecologically wise living.

Bhoomi's Gumlapuram farm is about 40 km from Bangalore, a few kilometers beyond Anekal Town. This 22-acre farm is a bio diverse organic farm where millers, pulses, oil seeds and many vegetables are grown. It also includes a young food forest where several varieties of fruits are being grown.

Tiruvannamalai is the most economically backward district in Tamilnadu, The communities in this district however are largely a happy and willing set of people despite the high amount of debts, increasing addiction to alcohol and lack of employment opportunity. The summers are extremely hot and the region gets very little rainfall. The land is dry and interspersed with big and small boulders. 

This Centre is located within the pristine rainforest in the Sharavathi Valley, in Shivamoga District of Karnataka. This area has many endangered species of frogs, snakes, trees and other flora and fauna.

The Bhoomi Campus is a beautiful space spread over 4 acres, with an organic garden to provide most of the vegetables used here. It has been designed as a space for learning through living as a community. Students, faculty and guests are invited to join in the activities in the garden and kitchen at least for an hour every day. 90% of the energy used for lighting, fans etc. is from the Sun. Composting, using organic soaps and cleaning materials is a way of life.