07 Sep 2022

15 students from Magizham Open Learning School, Hosur accompanied by 7 teachers, visited the Bhoomi Farmers’ Centre in Tiruvannamalai for two days. The two-day camp offered opportunities for children to immerse themselves in various nature-based activities and sessions.

01 Sep 2022

I’ve always been interested in Sustainability and waste management. That is what drew me to do my fellowship with Bhoomi College, last year. During my time there, I used to take part in Bhoomi Santhe – organic farmers’ market, held in the campus.

01 Sep 2022

Harini, a 25 year old Software Engineer
As soon as I saw a tweet about Eco Retreat on twitter, I made up my mind that I must somehow attend this. I immediately phoned my friends asking them if we could go, but to my dismay none of them were available that weekend.

29 Jun 2022

‘Experiencing nature at Bhoomi’, is a one day environmental education programme designed to provide an opportunity for reflective thinking and perspective building amongst school children.

07 May 2022 to 08 May 2022

Bhoomi Network in association with Nammalvar Multiversity organized a two day workshop on Soil, Science & Life on May 7th & 8th at the Bhoomi Farmers’ Centre at Tiruvannamalai.

07 May 2022 to 08 May 2022

On May 7th & 8th, we conducted a 2 day eco retreat at the 22 acre Bhoomi Organic Farm at Gummalapuram.  A group of people, keen on understanding ecological farming participated.

18 Apr 2022 to 29 Apr 2022

A two week summer camp for the children from the nearby Chikkanayakanhalli and Dinne villages was held from 18th April – 29th April, 2022 in the Bhoomi – Prakriya Campus.

Partha shares …
We have travelled nearly 60 kms from our Bhoomi farm in Chengam, Tiruvannamalai. It is 10 AM and the sun is ferocious. Gusty winds blow, signaling the arrival of Aadi month. It is the 5th of July today. I look outside.

On 8th of July, Parvathy Nagarajan, Bhoomi Senior fellow, conducted a soap-making workshop for the Self Help Group women at Bhoomi farm in Tiruvannamalai. Nearly 20 women participated in the workshop.

In continuation with the World Localization Day celebrations, Bhoomi network team conducted a seed-ball making workshop for the children from Mana Tropicale, a gated community in Sarjapur.

Thatching is the craft of building a roof with a combination of dry vegetation such as straw, water reed, palm branches, layering the vegetation so as to shed water away from the inner roof.