Bringing People together for Green Wisdom and Positive Action

Bhoomi Network is a not-for-profit organization that launched in 2009 the unique Bhoomi magazine and its first national conference on “Food, Health and Climate Change”.

Since then over 10,000 people have attended Bhoomi programmes, workshops, conferences, Utsavs (festivals) and farmers’ market.

In 2012 Bhoomi Network got its sister institution - the Bhoomi College which offered 1 year programmes -  in Sustainable living and later in Holistic Education.

Come to Bhoomi!

An enriching experience of working with a group or community Hands-on work that nourishes body and soul.

Learning that connects you with soil, earth and food.

The Network is spreading in an organic way!

Individually and in small groups we can do our bit. But we can work as a network of tens of thousands of us to be a formidable force to promote harmonious living on Earth…

Bhoomi Eco-villages can be started by a group of 5 or more people, in which preferably one of them has attended at least a one month Bhoomi programme.

You may already be doing some very meaningful work for sustainable living. Continue your work – and lets join hands to work together more!

Bhoomi Network's Sister Organisation

These organisations are located in the same beautiful campus in East Bangalore. 

Bhoomi College offers two 1 year fellowship programmes in Sustainable Living ad Holistic Education.

Prakriya Green Wisdom School is one of India’s foremost alternative schools that has been evolving  principles, processes and practices for education for sustainable living.