Bhoomi Campus, Bangalore

Bhoomi Campus, Bangalore

The Space

The Bhoomi Campus is a beautiful space spread over 4 acres, with an organic garden to provide most of the vegetables used here. It has been designed as a space for learning through living as a community. Students, faculty and guests are invited to join in the activities in the garden and kitchen at least for an hour every day. 90% of the energy used for lighting, fans etc. is from the Sun. Composting, using organic soaps and cleaning materials is a way of life.

Most buildings are built with stabilized mud blocks and tiled roofs or 'filler' roofs which use less concrete. Rainwater harvesting and black water recycling help minimize our water print.

This campus has over 100 species of trees and about 50 species of birds and butterflies. 

"When we connect with a place and its human and natural communities, we are much more likely to be contented and cheerful… and take responsibility to look after our little portion of Mother Earth."

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  • If you wish to engage in any Bhoomi activities in the spaces mentioned above.
  • If you wish to make use of these spaces for your programmes or activities that focus on sustainable living or nature conservation.