For Children from schools

For Children from schools

Education from the Heart of Nature

Children are happy when they are immersed in Nature; they learn and play in exciting and surprising ways when they are in natural surroundings.

It is delightful to watch children looking soulful in wilderness niches in the farm, run freely in the wide open spaces, struggle and support each other during treks and actively learn from hands-on activities.
There is so much to learn from Nature that normal school and city life denies them. The Bhoomi Organic Farm is more than a farm that grows food – It provides children memorable experiences and ways of connecting with Nature.

For whom:  For up to 25 children from class 7 and above, accompanied by two teachers/ attendants, from schools in Bangalore and Hosur.

Duration : 2 to 3 days; From 9.30 am on day 1 to 3.30 pm on the 2nd or 3rd day


  • Connecting to Nature
  • Understanding Food and Farming
  • Learning about Birds, Animals, earthworms and other fauna in the farm.