Bhoomi Network

Who are we?

Bhoomi Network was started in 2008 as a unit of KNA Foundation, a not-for-profit trust established to foster education for sustianability. It is a sister organization as well as the research and dissemination wing of Prakriya Green Wisdom School, an ICSE school established in 1999.

Bhoomi’s mission is to enable the transition into a more humane and ecologically sane world. Bhoomi Network is a platform and an expanding community of people with a focus on holistic learning, living and enquiry to help us live in harmony with Mother Earth.

What we do

We work to:

  • bring people together to revitalize their wellbeing, local food systems, communities, eco-systems and economies.
  • support inspired individuals to discover new possibilities and be the change agents the world needs, in their journey towards sustainability.
  • promote localization allowing local, regional producers and farmers to replace dependence on distant, unaccountable corporations.

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