Epidemic of chronic diseases – causes and solutions

29 Sep 2022

Epidemic of chronic diseases – causes and solutions

Today we are both as individuals and societies, facing a grim health crisis. The signs are there all around us. Chronic diseases are spreading across the world – straddling ‘developed’ and ‘developing’ countries, rich and poor, urban and rural, men and women, young and old and have reached epidemic proportions. Obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, auto immune and so on are becoming commonplace and striking their victims ever younger. But it’s a fairly recent phenomenon – starting 40-50 years ago and picking up pace over the last 20 years. 

What is causing this phenomenon? Its certainly not our genes as some are trying to tell us. We didn’t develop these genes overnight. Our ancestors, from whom we inherited these genes lived a fairly healthy life. 

It is certainly linked to our diet and lifestyle, which undoubtedly has changed drastically in recent times. There are 5 factors which are at play here

  • Massive increase in consumption of foods derived from animals and processed foods, oils 
  • Unparalleled overload of exposure to toxic chemicals through food, air, water
  • The unprecedented exposure to EMF radiation; the omnipresent current reality
  • A sedentary lifestyle cut off from nature 
  • Predominance of negative emotions, stress, agitation, tension

I would like to focus on the first one which is by far the predominant cause. The food that we eat.

Mountains of evidence, including 100s of independent peer reviewed scientific studies, point to the link between foods derived from animals and processed foods being the key cause of the profound health crises facing us. It’s the protein, saturated fat and cholesterol in animal foods (including milk and milk products) and the deadly trans fats and toxic chemicals in processed foods that are the real culprit here. The rapid spread of chronic diseases is in direct proportion to the rapid increase in our consumption of such foods over the last approximately 30 years. 

Would you like to explore these links between diet and disease in depth? Understand how our diet is making us sick? Hence how by making simple changes in our diet and lifestyle we can prevent, cure and reverse chronic diseases? Know the ideal diet for optimal health and wellbeing? Understand these both from a modern scientific perspective and the nature cure perspective? Then you should be attending the upcoming workshop ‘Let food be thy medicine – natural path to good health’ at Bhoomi Eco Village, Gummalapuram on October 21st to 23rd. 

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