Gumlapuram Organic Gurukul, Tamil Nadu

Gumlapuram Organic Gurukul, Tamil Nadu

The Space

Bhoomi's Gumlapuram farm is about 40 km from Bangalore, a few kilometers beyond Anekal Town. This 22-acre farm is a bio diverse organic farm where millers, pulses, oil seeds and many vegetables are grown. It also includes a young food forest where several varieties of fruits are being grown.

Basic Infrastructure with eco-friendly buildings, simple and nutritious food and an attempt to live without harmful chemicals and with minimal plastics are all aspects of this Bhoomi space.

Learning Opportunities

This Bhoomi farm has been designed as a model farm / learning space to invite both rural and urban youth (and others) to understand the importance of ecological farming and consider it as a viable livelihood option. It is also envisioned as an experiential learning laboratory for ecological and sustainable living for school and college students. Ecological farming also compels one to make attitudinal and philosophical shifts in our lives! Soil, water, seeds are no longer seen as mere resources to control and exploit but valued as precious gifts that needed to be conserved and preserved. The virtue of patience and deep observation, the rewards of tuning in with and trusting nature’s cycles become a way of life. Being able to soak in the beauty of Nature all around is an added bonus!

Visitors have an opportunity to learn firsthand how degraded dry land can be transformed with good water conservation practices, growing mulch giving trees and plants to improve the soil and creating a thriving bio diverse farm. When Bhoomi first started the project it was an almost treeless tract of land with poor quality of soil in an area that receives scanty rainfall. The land now tells us a completely different story, one of rejuvenation, restoration and tuning in with Nature in a small community of humans, cows, dogs and sometimes visits by elephants and other animals from the nearby forests.

Get Involved

We welcome you to connect with the Gumlapuram farm by:

  1. Volunteering during weekends
  2. Taking up the internship for longer periods - one week or more.
  3. Bringing students from your institution for our Eco camps.

Contact us for more information:

  • If you wish to engage in any Bhoomi activities in the spaces mentioned above.
  • If you wish to make use of these spaces for your programmes or activities that focus on sustainable living or nature conservation.