Sankalan and the Inner and Outer Ecology Programme

Ananth Somaiah

Sankalan and the Inner and Outer Ecology Programme

“Look! Look deep into Nature and you will understand everything”

- Albert Einstein

The Inner and Outer Ecology Programme is a core programme at Bhoomi Network and Bhoomi College. Quite simply it is all about accepting ourselves more consciously as Earthlings. During more than a decade of working in these programmes, we find it not only gives participants a keener understanding of the world we live in – it helps us take charge and foster our wellbeing.

The Inner and Outer Ecology and other programmes are 5 /6 day residential ones offered under the banner of Sankalan in the spirit of gift culture. The facilitators donate their time for the programme, the residential facilities are subsidised by the KNA Foundation. A nominal fee is charged and scholarships are available for those in need.

The Inner and Outer Ecology (IOE) Programme is the entry level programme to be completed before one can participate in any other Sankalan Programme.

Welcome to Sankalan!

Sankalan means ‘bringing together’. We believe that ‘bringing together’ is what we need to do to co-create communities for wellbeing. We need to bring together traditional and modern ways of learning and doing, nature’s as well as human wisdom and inner and outer explorations - to find our own path that is meaningful to us and gives us more opportunities to make our offerings to the world.

The Sankalan Programmes are largely open ended, where the whole group participates actively, with not more than 12 participants in a group. Each of the programmes does have a theme, and primary facilitators have over a decade of experience - they play a role of being catalysts and co-travellers. The learning is non-prescriptive, based on one’s own insights and experiences – a person can work as intensively as she or he wants.  Most participants find such ‘work’ very enlivening and transformative.

During the Sankalan Events we live and learn in a vibrant community. Explorations in small groups will include sharing concerns and stories, reviewing our lenses and filters, experiential and conceptual understanding of principles of Nature and how we can apply them in our lives. There will be daily activities in a whole community setting too.

You can hear some of them here. (Video)

The IOE Programme – For Whom?

“The purpose of life is undoubtedly to know oneself. We cannot do it unless we learn to identify ourselves with all that lives.”

- Mahatma Gandhi

The Inner and Outer Ecology Programme can be attended by anyone over the age of 20 who wishes to explore experientially one’s self and one’s relationships with others, with Nature and our larger society. 

Previous experience in any kind of group participative programmes is not necessary. You just need an interest in enriching yourself and living and learning from Nature and human communities. This programme can be meaningful to you both in your personal and work life.

The Sankalan Internship includes a set of programmes through which you can learn to be a facilitator or change agent for fostering personal, social and ecological wellbeing in schools, NGOs or other settings. 

For more information about the Sankalan Internship click here.

When and where are these programmes held?

Most Sankalan Events are held in the Bhoomi Campus in April or sometimes in November / December.

A few programmes like ‘Deep Ecology’ will be held in Bhoomi’s food forest in Gumalapuram or in Bhoomi’s Rainforest Centre at the Sharavathi Rain forest.

All programmes are offered with twin or triple sharing accommodation and simple nutritious food.

Being close to Nature, in surroundings which do not overwhelm with man-made structures, places to go to for Nature walks and Nature meditation are extremely conducive for the Sankalan Programmes and enlivens the body and spirit.