Tree Planting on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi at Bhoomi Vivasayee Maiyam, Tiruvannamalai

14 Oct 2022

Tree Planting on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi at Bhoomi Vivasayee Maiyam, Tiruvannamalai

About 6 months back, Suren and his wife Akila, residents of Krishnagiri district attended a workshop on ‘soil biology & livelihood’ conducted by Nammalvar Multiversity & Bhoomi. As a couple they are both keen on exploring a sustainable way of life and care deeply about the environment. They have been in touch with the Bhoomi Tiruvannamalai team since then and in July this year, Suren volunteered to conduct a snake awareness program for the SHG women and farm workers at our Bhoomi farm. 

For Gandhi Jayanthi, Suren wanted to bring people together and plant trees. Akila’s brother Surya, alumnus of Mary Ward school in Uthangarai suggested a one-day camp where he could request his school to collaborate and participate in tree planting.

So, on October 2nd, nearly 15 students accompanied by 3 teachers and 6 alumni of Mary Ward matriculation higher secondary school, Uthangarai, Krishnagiri district visited the Bhoomi Vivasayee Maiyam in Tiruvannamalai. 

The school had brought along with them more than 100 saplings of fruit trees like Jamun and timber varieties like Pungai, Iluppai, Vengai, Vembu etc., Both the students and the teachers took part in the planting process. It was like a celebration. Our Bhoomi team taught them about mulching and the importance of it. The students also got to learn about Jeevamirtham and its role in natural farming. 

Suren conducted a snake awareness program for the group and explained about venomous & non-venomous snakes and snake handling techniques. He also taught them the basics of first aid, CPR and other simple instructions that needed to be administered to an injured person were shared with the children.

Nearly 75 saplings were planted that day. The watering and maintenance of saplings will be done by the Bhoomi team. We are glad to support individuals like Suren and Surya who are able to inspire and mobilise others to contribute time and energy for a cause that is bigger than themselves.