Summer Camp for children from 2 villages at the Bhoomi Campus, Bangalore

18 Apr 2022 to 29 Apr 2022

Summer Camp for children from 2 villages at the Bhoomi Campus, Bangalore

A two week summer camp for the children from the nearby Chikkanayakanhalli and Dinne villages was held from 18th April – 29th April, 2022 in the Bhoomi – Prakriya Campus.

Nearly 25 children participated in the program.

The summer camp was organized as a pilot project for children from nearby villages who otherwise do not get opportunities for enjoyable and meaningful workshops. The idea was to provide them exposure to a range of interesting activities and holistic learning that included eating healthy foods and eco-friendly living. The programme included sessions on chanting shlokas, organic gardening, craft work, playing games, bird watching, converting waste into interesting things, theatre activities and more.

The programme was anchored by Ms Sudha Ravi, former headmistress of Prakriya Green Wisdom School, Bengaluru. She shares “Most of the time these children spend in tuition and academics. During the holidays many of them idle away and often pick up harmful habits like smoking.  Their exposure is very limited. Here they got to experience a space as beautiful as this and in these 10 days they got to do things with their head, hand and heart. The activities provided opportunities for reflective thinking and perspective building amongst the children”.

“What we did is, we took something from the theatre of the oppressed where a scene is enacted and the peers come and try to make changes in the scene. What I see is that these children have a lot of ideas. All that they need is a little bit of pushing in the right direction”.

- Murtaza Khetty handled the theatre session and he shares

“In Prakriya School, there is a huge garden with lots of plants, trees, birds, dogs and cats. They let us play everywhere. They taught us dance and making of paper bags. I will show you how to make a paper bag”.

- Angel, a 9 year old shares

“I have made a lot of friends. We learnt to make useful things out of waste. We played sports, danced and had so much fun playing games. It felt very nice”.

- Rohitha, a 12 year old shares

The summer camp was a success thanks to the Ms. Sudha Ravi and the following resource people : Murtuza Khetty (Theatre), Manjunath R (Outdoor games), Gayatri Ganesan & Immaculate Antony (Gardening & Story telling), Aparna (Dance), Geeta Prabhu (Art and Body movement), Sudip Simha & Kumudvati  (Bird watching), Mary, Shylaja & Manjula Rao (Craft out of Waste).