Making Deeper Connections

22 May 2023

Making Deeper Connections

Every day, we witness the rising and setting of the sun, the changing of seasons from summer to rain to winter and then autumn. We observe trees shedding their leaves in one season and blooming in another. Nature is filled with countless processes. Just like a tree grows from a seed and eventually returns to the soil, or how a flower transforms into a fruit, we too are part of this natural cycle. Have you ever wondered about the processes occurring within yourself, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well?

In 2019, I joined Bhoomi College with the intention of understanding holistic education. However, my experience during the course turned out to be nothing short of a blessing. Not only did I delve into the deeper meaning of education, but I also had the opportunity to partake in the transformative Sankalan Program – deep immersive journeys of self-exploration.

In today's world, where the education system primarily focuses on training the brain with accumulated information, there is often little emphasis on listening to oneself and cultivating self-awareness. We may be aware of our physical body, but do we truly recognize the interconnections of our mind, body, and heart? You might have heard phrases like "gut feeling" or "butterflies in the stomach." Our physical body responds to our thoughts and emotions, and vice versa. When we are physically unwell, it affects our feelings and thinking as well. Our thoughts, emotions, and actions are intricately intertwined.

India is blessed with ancient wisdom of meditation and mindfulness. Through observation and reflection, we can engage in self-exploration. This is often a personal practice, limited by our perceptions and understanding of our own experiences. When we reflect on a situation, we tend to see what we are accustomed to seeing. While an experience can hold multiple meanings, what we choose to perceive at any given moment is influenced by our own state of being.

Each one of us is unique and different in our own ways. Likewise, we all have our own distinct experiences and derive different meanings from them. These experiences shape who we are and influence our emotions and thoughts. We each have our own context. Life is a continuous journey of learning, unlearning, and evolving. Discovering oneself can bring immense joy and inner peace.

The process of self-exploration within the Sankalan programs takes place in a group setting, guided by experienced facilitators who hold a safe and sacred space for the participants. These programs encompass various areas of self-exploration, which are deeply intertwined with nature and draw lessons from it. Participants openly share their experiences, while the group offers perspectives that resonate with them. This sharing process allows everyone to explore and add further depth and meaning to their own experiences.

Through these programs, I had the opportunity to reflect upon many of my behavioral patterns. They provided me with new perspectives, choices, and heightened awareness. I gained a better understanding of myself and fostered a deeper connection within. I firmly believe that everyone should experience this transformative magic and see life through a broader and more profound lens.

With gratitude for the journey,
Rajni Mehra