Eco Retreat - Participant Sharing

22 Jun 2023

Eco Retreat - Participant Sharing

When I first saw the flyer for the Bhoomi Eco Retreat on Twitter, it totally felt like the kind of weekend I was looking for, both for myself and my 4-year-old. The idea was to connect with nature, away from the noise of the city and all its trappings. I am so glad to say that the weekend met every single one of my expectations.

I finally arrived at the Retreat with my daughter and two dear friends. All of us were awed by the vastness and minimalism of the place. The rustic aesthetics of the spaces, the delicious food from the kitchen, the hospitality of every member of the staff, and the deep knowledge of our ecological world that the Bhoomi team had enriched our time there.

The walk around the farm made me dream of an alternative life, while my little one munched on all the fresh produce that was plucked from the trees and given to her. How lucky were we to meet a newborn calf on our first day there! Or witness the intricate patterns of rice powder rangoli come alive in front of us. Or simply use the outdoor benches for every meal, soaking in all the fresh air, the scent of trees, and the warmth of the friendly dogs while enjoying the amazing amla pickle, aloo sabji, or veg pulao!

The highlight of the trip, though, for our group was the hike on Sunday morning. Walking through the quiet forests brought a certain peace to all of us. And Tejaswini, our group leader, took charge of my little one and taught her how to hike. With every boulder they climbed together, every thorn bush they avoided, and every puddle they jumped over, my daughter learned how to navigate nature. For that, I am forever thankful for Tejaswini's grace and patience towards my daughter.