Eco retreat

01 Sep 2022

Eco retreat

Harini, a 25 year old Software Engineer

As soon as I saw a tweet about Eco Retreat on twitter, I made up my mind that I must somehow attend this. I immediately phoned my friends asking them if we could go, but to my dismay none of them were available that weekend. I was hesitant if I should go alone and wondered if I would feel bored with no company. But I am so glad I took the chance because I had an incredible two days at the retreat. 

More than organic farming my interest lies in sustainability. I wish to implement sustainable practices in both my personal and professional space. This program was an opportunity for me to understand sustainability as a way of life, in the broader sense.

I loved the trekking experience. I have been on shorter treks before but they all seemed commercial after I came here. This was my first time into a proper forest and it felt incredible to be in the wilderness, seeing the flora, discovering tiny bugs, elephant poop and so much more! 

During the trek, there was a boulder that all of us had to climb, to get to the other side. Instinctively my eyes started searching for another route where I could avoid this. It may not seem a big deal to others but I was petrified. I took a deep breath and decided I would try this and I managed to climb the boulder. I felt so proud of myself.

I find dogs really cute but I always maintain a few metres distance. A friend had earlier taken me to a dog spa but I remember sitting there the entire time, with my feet on the chair because I was so scared. Sarat, one of the participants, had brought his pet dog Babka. I was cautious at first but very soon I was interacting with Babka.  I overcame my fear and started playing with him. This means so much to me.

I liked many more things about the program. The food was amazing. They had given us a salad which was delicious. It took me a minute to figure out what the main ingredient was - Radish, a vegetable that I would have never imagined eating raw. But here I was, eating it happily, enjoying the crunch and flavour.

Though these may seem small things, I was so happy that I broke my limitations and was able to grow.  This eco-retreat is very different from anything I would have done with my friends over the weekend. I was happy to meet a community of people with a similar mindset and have developed a bond with them.  I would love to come again and can’t wait to bring my friends also to experience this.

Sarat, a 40 year old Software Engineer + pet parent

“I am a fan of sitting by myself in the middle of wilderness. I am always on the lookout for programs and spaces where I can take Babka (2 yr old dog) along with me. I have been to a few farmlands before but nothing matches the depth or scale that Bhoomi Eco Village offers.

The rooms were spacious, clean and nicely maintained. I was drawn to the farm and the food forest which had apple, lemon, mango, guavas, cherries and many other fruiting trees. It was interesting to see different crops being cultivated. It was my first time seeing the flower of a brinjal plant, a beautiful shade of purple. The way the farm has been designed and the feel of the place is very different from what one would typically imagine of a farmland – with manicured patches of greenery.

We played a game called ‘web of life’ where we take a ball of string and find connections between the various elements in the ecosystem. We could experientially understand the principle of interconnecedness in nature.

I enjoyed the nutritious and simple vegetarian food prepared with vegetables harvested from the farm. It was great to meet people who are dedicated and passionate about what they do and believe in the philosophy of this place.

I am certain that Babka had the best time, out in the open, running free in the 22 Acre farmland. Though he gets to go for a walk everyday rarely does he get a chance to run loose and free like this. This was an awesome break. Hard to believe such a peaceful place exists in just an hour drive from Bangalore. I would definitely recommend pet parents to bring their pets and enjoy this retreat”.