Rejuvenating the Hado Siddapura Lake

by Deepak

Rejuvenating the Hado Siddapura Lake

The Work to rejuvenate the Hadosiddapura lake by the Prakriya Green Wisdom School and Bhoomi Network began by many others about 13 years ago – through programmes, meetings and paper work. But the physical work of transforming the lake which I joined Bhoomi for began in November 2019 – and it has been nothing short of transformative for me as well. 

In an intellectual way we all know that water is essential for life to exist on this planet and also for our livelihood and other basics. Civilizations have flourished or perished because of water availability, be it scarcity or flooding.

That is at the head level… but seeing a lake dying near by, walking around it often, getting to know the trees that grow there and the birds that still visit or stay – that is another experience. When I began working with Bhoomi Network to coordinate the lake rejuvenation work is when there was a kind of new awakening in me. I began visualizing the entire ecosystem, flora, fauna thriving with life itself – and it was nourishing and healing for me.

I began to feel that after unwittingly being part of the problem, it was time for me to be part of the solution – by doing what I could to support the work of reviving the dying lake. It was the dream of many not only at  Bhoomi Network, but of many of the villagers of Hadosiddapura. Then  Anand Malligavad, fondly called the Lake Man of Bangalore joined us and we  started working together on the ground, with earth movers for desilting, making bunds and creating divisions to ensure that sewage water doesn’t come in.

As a Civil engineer - dealing with machines, bricks, cement everyday - work had no life in it and had made me ask myself questions like. Is this all I can expect in the future? what is the purpose of life? Why should I live?

Today I have learnt that all it takes to get a sense of fulfilment and contentment, is to connect and work with a community and work for a larger cause than your own personal wellbeing. The sense of belonging and the love and affection I get from the villagers has made a big difference.

Seeing that hope, passion & smile on the faces of people across all age groups and especially the old men and the kids - brings me joy from within. To do nothing and just sit & see the kids swimming in the lake, the birds, the cattle, the sunset  is real happiness.

As I am sharing this with you all, I do feel grateful to Bhoomi Network for the support & Anand Malligavad for his guidance & life for this opportunity.