Become a Facilitator for Personal Growth

Ananth Somaiah

Become a Facilitator for Personal Growth

“Ananda Coomaraswamy said that an artist is not a special kind of a person, but every person is a special kind of artist. One can also say that a leader is not a special kind of person. Every person is a special kind of leader.”

- Satish Kumar

We need new kinds of leaders…

The Sankalan Programmes are spaces for each one of us to explore various areas of wellbeing, personal growth and consciousness for ourself. Such work requires a serene context in the lap of Nature and safe spaces which are also challenging and nourishing. They also need the catalytic support of a mature facilitator.

If in some way you feel you would like to become a facilitator or leader in various situations in life – be it in group participative processes, in NGOs or communities you work with, then the Sankalan Internship is the deeply immersive and invigorating work that can support you in your journey.

To work towards the vision of fostering ecologically wise living, what we need today is not only technical knowledge and skills for sustainable living. The greater challenge is fostering new kinds of leaders with the vision to go beyond the prevalent machine paradigm and focus on positive action. The Sankalan Internship aims to support eco-leaders who can respond to emergent global and local issues, create spaces for joining in by others and strategise for collective wellbeing.

“When I started my journey of self-exploration, I really did not think I had it in me to become a facilitator. It has taken some years, but now I realize that to be a facilitator basically I need to be true to myself – which means I have to “work with myself” – review my assumptions, try to constantly align my thoughts, feelings and be a learner all my life”

“It’s not like any other role – it is learning to be really open to engage with life in a meaningful way, being human and authentic to yourself and participants.”

- … statements from
Sankalan facilitators

Sankalan Internship – For Whom?

These programmes will be meaningful to teachers, students, members of NGOs and also to anyone who wishes to be leaders in an ecologically wise world. 

You will have to complete the introductory “Inner and Outer Ecology” programme to apply for the Sankalan Internship. 

The other Sankalan programmes are for those who wish to join the Sankalan Intership through which you can learn to be a facilitator for Sankalan programmes. They also aim to support an ever expanding community of holistic leaders / facilitators in fostering personal, social and ecological wellbeing in schools, NGOs or other organisations and communities.

The internship programme includes 5 programmes conducted with gaps of 4 to 6  months and will be will be meaningful to teachers, students, members of NGOs and also to anyone who wishes to explore deeper aspects of inner and outer ecology and ecological living on earth.

The Sankalan Internship – Core Beliefs

Some of the core beliefs around which the Sankalan internshipis designed are:

  • If we want changes in our lives or world we need to make shifts within ourselves; we need to work with our own insights and make our own choices rather than merely follow anyone’s advice or suggestions.
  • We need participatory, reflective, holistic and inclusive group processes that can open up many possibilities for our being and becoming.
  • We need to understand Nature’s principles and apply them to our self, work and communities - an essential but much neglected guiding principle for harmonious and long term sustenance of humanity on our planet.

The Sankalan Internship Programmes

The following 5 residential programmes of 6 days duration are offered as part of the Sankalan Internship Events held in April, August or November-December each year

These intensive, experiential programmes are held with no more than 12 to 15 participants in a group

  1. Inner and Outer Ecology – introductory programme 
  2. Role, Identity and Wellbeing
  3. Eco-system Leadership
  4. Deep Ecology
  5. Building Eco-wise Communities

The Sankalan internship offers you the opportunity to become an accredited Sankalan facilitator after completion of the following requirements:

  • Satisfactory participation in at least four of the 5 programmes mentioned above.
  • Submission of written personal reviews after participation in these programmes.
  • Participation as a co-facilitator in at least 2 Sankalan programmes thereafter.