About Us


K.N. Ananthasivan Foundation for Education

The K.N.A Foundation was established in 1995 as a public charitable trust in Bangalore to foster innovative, creative and meaningful education. The registered office is at No. 70, Chikkanayakanahalli, Carmelaram Post, Bangalore – 560 035. It has set up the Prakriya Green Wisdom School (an ICSE school established in 1999) and the Bhoomi Network (established in 2008), both of which are based in Bangalore at the above address.


Bhoomi Network

What do we do?

We work to:

  • bring people together to re-vitalise their wellbeing, local food systems, communities, eco-systems and economies.
  • support the young for a new kind of journey – to discover new possibilities, promote sustainable living and be the change agents the world needs
  • bring in a focus on holistic learning, living and enquiry to help us live in harmony with Mother Earth.

Who are we?

We are a group of people who are keen on walking on a path we believe in :)

We work with Bhoomi Network as a platform – and an expanding community of people who are committed to living in an ecologically sane way. As much as we can!

Bhoomi Network was started in 2008 as a unit of KNA Foundation, a not-for-profit educational trust. It is a sister organization as well as the research and dissemination wing of Prakriya Green Wisdom School.

Bhoomi’s mission is to enable the transition into a more humane and ecologically sane world.

The present world is rushing headlong into disasters and crises of all kinds through an obsessive focus on materialistic growth and a globalized free-market economic system. We believe that for the present modern civilisation to survive, millions of people and organisations need to work towards sustainability.

We believe also that Localisation is a holistic answer to mitigate some of the problems of globalization – especially for basics – local food, clothing, crafts, education systems; and local stewardship of ecosystems and living and community spaces. Let’s Localise!

Join us to form a Network of Eco Villages!

Our Post Covid Mission

We live in extraordinary times, triggered by the Corona virus.

We are faced with dramatic and global changes that our tallest scientists, leaders and thinkers did not anticipate or prepare for. Dramatic times call for hard thinking and tough choices.

We have the choice - to be numbed into a new normal or take steps towards the life we want.

We have the choice to make marginal changes in our lives – like delivering the same syllabus online, without any questioning or we can take the more heroic route of re-thinking if that is the learning we want or need in the future.

We have the choice to feel helpless or go on an adventure of engaging in new ways of learning, doing, having and being